The client’s contribution to massage success

The time during the massage is “Quality Time” in a broader sense. Masseur and client spend time together, focusing on the client and his or her well-being. In order to enjoy this time, a certain mental preparation on the part of the client is recommended. He should arrive at his massage appointment as relaxed as possible and with normal breathing and pulse rate.

The mobile phone should be switched to flight mode when entering the massage room. He should also make his appointment punctually and in a hygienically acceptable condition. Open communication with the masseur is important. The questions of the health questionnaire should be answered truthfully. The client should also communicate all aspects that could play a role in the success of the massage. This may include the current emotional state. He should trust in the discretion of the masseur. It is also important to follow the masseur’s instructions. Men in business clothes in particular are advised to bring a change of clothes. And here again the advice that the Corona-related hygiene rules must be observed without fail.