Too hot outside for a massage?

Who thinks of a massage when it is over 30° in the shade? Most people probably think of a cold beer or a cold shower.

Actually the heat is ideal for a massage! This is because the muscles are well supplied with blood and elastic in warm weather. And tense muscles are easier to massage at that time. It is not without reason that athletes warm themselves up before training. And even those who practice yoga know that many asanas are easier to perform when the body is well warmed up.

One more thing: I don’t use just any massage oil that just flows well, but products made according to an Ayurvedic recipe. My oils have the decisive advantage that they are even better absorbed through the open pores – due to the heat – and can penetrate into deeper layers of the body. The heat therefore helps additionally here.

So men, don’t be put off by the hot weather, come and get a massage.