Is a massage not interesting for active men?

I suggested to my neighbour to give her son an Ayurvedic massage for Christmas after all. Her answer: “Oh, he is more the active type. I don’t know whether a massage is something for him.

These statements I hear again and again, but there is a persistent misunderstanding. Namely that there is a contrast between an active lifestyle and phases of relaxation. And relaxation here does not mean distraction. Nothing against Netflix, Playstation and all the other things. What I do mean, however, is a form of relaxation that regenerates body and soul. To gather strength for our daily tasks and duties, be they of private and/or professional nature. And many of us practice this: a walk in the nature, jogging or gym etc. But what strikes me when I observe walkers or sportsmen: Many of us cannot simply be relaxed in nature or do sports. Rather, they are reading and answering emails, listening to music or some other sideline. In the sense of regeneration of body, soul and spirit, however, there is no need for distraction, but rather a conscious decision to come to rest. And this balance is not only an option, but actually a mandatory requirement for long-term health, mental and emotional balance and satisfaction. (Quote: “What happens without rest is not permanent”. Ovid, Roman poet)

Massage has its well-deserved place – especially for professionally active men it has a relaxing effect, where body and soul come to rest. And the best thing about it is: you finally have to do nothing without having a guilty conscience. And it wouldn’t be the first time that the best ideas come to us during a phase of relaxation – like during a massage. I think I will talk to my neighbour again…