3 myths surrounding massage: sex – pain – shame

A provocation, of course. But one that has a real basis.


Around a quarter of the callers ask: is there a happy ending? Is an intimate massage included?

All legitimate questions, but a serious and professional massage has nothing to do with sex. Rather, it is about health prophylaxis, regeneration and mental and physical relaxation. And the latter without sex.


A massage doesn’t have to hurt. What matters is what the client wants. If you just want to relax, you can massage with less pressure.

However, if you have yourself massaged to release muscular tension, in order to be free of pain in the long term, you have to accept that some massage grips can be painful.

Whereby, of course, pain is also a relative term and is felt differently from person to person. The masseur should feel how far he can go.


Yes, as a client you have to take off your clothes, except for your underpants.

And, yes, the masseur sees possible physical inadequacies. If the masseur is a professional, he only registers this insofar as it is relevant for the massage.

And of course the masseur does not comment on the possibly existing belly or the strange underpants.

Besides, we all have our physical imperfections. Nobody is perfect. If that’s no consolation.