The Ayurvedic Foot Massage Kasya …

… is my new massage service. I practice it exactly as it has been done in the Atmasantulana Village in India for many years as part of the Panchakarma regimen. It is of course good for the feet, but it also has other therapeutic functions.

Ayurvedic foot massage with therapeutic ghee
Ayurvedic foot massage with therapeutic ghee

It starts with a 5-minute foot bath. Afterwards, the feet are gently massaged for a total of 10 minutes with a ghee specially developed for foot massages instead of oil. For the further treatment I use a bronze bowl (Kasya=bronze), which like the ghee is made in India. The soles of the feet, including the heel and underside of the toes, are massaged with the bronze bowl in rhythmic movements and with light pressure for approx. 12 minutes per foot. The treatment ends with a 10-minute rest period.

The effect of foot massage on feet is obvious. The blood circulation in the feet is improved, thereby relieving tension. The skin becomes soft; and cracks on the feet are prevented.

The additional effect occurs through the use of the bronze bowl in connection with the special ghee. Excessive heat accumulated in the body is discharged, and problems caused by the heat, such as burning and red eyes, can experience significant relief. Overall, strength and vitality increase.

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