Every year … Christmas

And with it the question of a suitable gift.

It should bring joy to the recipient, be original and valuable and express our appreciation. A challenging task, because actually we already have (almost) everything.

Massage Voucher

How about a gift this year that can’t be unwrapped and touched? But one that is original and of great value. One that the recipient is guaranteed not to receive from anyone else.

With an Ayurvedic massage you give something that we usually do not give ourselves. Namely relaxation and quality time. Time to recharge our batteries for the tasks ahead.

And if you don’t know anyone to whom you can give this gift? You can give it to someone or give it to yourself.





How does it work?

1. choose the desired massage on https://ayurvedische-massagen.net/buchen

2. send an e-mail or Whatsapp to Thomas.Trinter@ayurvedische-massagen.net or +49 1525 3931183, stating the massage you want and the name of the person you want to give it to.

3. wait for confirmation mail/WhatsApp with transfer details

4. sending the voucher to the client after receipt of the transfer amount.