One of the most important measures for health prophylaxis is a professional and serious massage. It can have a lasting effect on many levels. Its effect on the skin, our largest sensory organ, is obvious. It is better supplied with blood and becomes more elastic. The pores open up, which improves skin respiration and stimulates detoxification through the skin. The aging process of the skin can be slowed down by regular massages.

However, the effects of a massage are not limited to the skin surface. The skin is permeated by nerve cells; they are specifically targeted by the massage or the respective massage techniques. Therefore an invigorating or calming effect can be achieved as desired. On the muscular level, tensions are released and the muscles are loosened. In general, a very positive effect on the entire organ system can be achieved. The heart and circulation system is positively influenced. Stress symptoms such as insomnia, digestive disorders, nervousness and headaches can be reduced and in the best case eliminated.

The Sanskrit word for massage is Abhyanga. It describes the application of oil on the body with a good absorption of the oil into the skin and the deeper tissue layers. At the beginning of the massage some oil is applied to the head, ears, navel and soles of the feet. This, as well as the whole massage, has a Vata soothing effect. It is very important to use a high-quality massage oil cultivated according to Ayurvedic tradition.

I currently offer an Ayurvedic full body massage and use different techniques of classical massage. Following the ayurvedic tradition I only massage men. For legal reasons I would like to point out that my massages are to be classified as wellness massages. I massage in the rooms of the Santulan LIFE Center for Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation in Herderstraße 23 in Frankfurt Nordend.