Detox – What does an Ayurvedic massage have to do with it?

Our body is exposed to stressful influences every day: unhealthy nutrition, nicotine and alcohol, environmental influences, lack of exercise. To name only the most important.

Our lifestyle is therefore responsible for the accumulation of toxins and waste in our bodies.

And this contributes to the fact that we do not feel fit and efficient and that diseases can develop.

What to do? Ideally, we change our lifestyle so that waste products are not deposited in our bodies in the first place. However, we can only protect ourselves to a limited extent from some stress factors such as environmental influences.

A wonderful and profound instrument for the intensive cleansing of body and mind is an Ayurveda treatment, like the one I completed in India at the beginning of this year.

But not everyone can go to India or complete an Ayurveda cure lasting several weeks here in Germany.

But what can be implemented immediately: an Ayurvedic full body massage. It relaxes and helps eliminate toxins.

Ayurvedic massages for detox and relaxation

The whole body is massaged with a high-quality oil. Different massage grips are used, which act on the muscle tissue with graduated intensity depending on the part of the body.

By loosening the muscle tissue in combination with the high-quality oil, the body is stimulated to eliminate the waste products stored in the cells.

The elimination process begins with the massage and can continue for a few days. Depending on the individual constitution.

You may feel a bit light-headed after the massage. And maybe you sleep restlessly the first night. This can be a clear indication that the body is in detox mode.

It’s best to try it yourself and make your own experiences!

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