Every year … Christmas

And with it the question of a suitable gift. It should bring joy to the [...]

Why is a massage especially important in autumn?

Saying goodbye to the warm and sunny days is probably difficult for most of us. [...]

The Ayurvedic Foot Massage Kasya …

… is my new massage service. I practice it exactly as it has been done [...]

Detox – What does an Ayurvedic massage have to do with it?

Our body is exposed to stressful influences every day: unhealthy nutrition, nicotine and alcohol, environmental [...]

New: Ayurvedic back massage

Since the lockdown imposed last November, my Ayurvedic massage practice, has been temporarily closed. I [...]

Is a massage not interesting for active men?

I suggested to my neighbour to give her son an Ayurvedic massage for Christmas after [...]

My voluntary work as SOM Programme Trainer

  When I reoriented my career 2 years ago, I never expected that I would [...]

Too hot outside for a massage?

Who thinks of a massage when it is over 30° in the shade? Most people [...]